Sunday, December 24, 2017

Stretching budgets

I had this post all finished and even published but then blogger ate it. WTH????? So here we go again....

My little ponyman finally gets his own stall bandages and Finn Tack No Bow leg wraps. You know, in case he gets injured or comes up lame or swollen or just because he's 19 and never needed them before but they're always good to have on hand, just in case...  both in Navy blue which is his new accessory color.

Since my little guy is a Small Pony and everything in pony size is still typically too big, I figured these would work great to make 4 wraps. The seams will be vertical on his rather than horizontal.

Fold the wrap in half to find the center and mark with a pin on both ends. Put it on the machine ready to stitch. 

I set my needle to the left and straight stitch across the wrap. Once this is done, I set the needle to the right And using the first row of stitching as a guide, stitch across the wrap again. 

This gives you a channel in which to cut the wraps in two. Both sides are stitched holding things together. You can see towards the bottom of the wrap on the left, the white stuff inside is showing. I will use this at the bottom when wrapping his legs, but to me it just doesn't quite have that finished look yet. 

If you have a Serger, you can finish the edges that way. I do not, so I set my machine to do the Zig-Zag stitch with the medium width of 3 of 5. I stitched along the edges of the wrap and the straight stitch. Remember to backstitch at the beginning and end to hold everything in place. 

Repeat the process for the other wrap. Go back and trim any extra's or jagged edges off to clean things up. If you'd like to use Fray Check on the stitches, now would be a good time. There you have it. You're done!

Your pony now has a set of 4 wraps. I considered adding Velcro or 'touch tape' to hold these on and you certainly can do it, but since he also has navy blue bandages, I didn't feel the need.  If I change my mind later on, I can always go back and add it.


Mrs Shoes said...

Very inventive.
Merry Christmas!

L.Williams said...

Fantastic Life hack!

Jodi said...

Great idea!

Cut-N-Jump said...

I have to modify a lot of things for my little guy. Even Pony sizes and Small rarely seem to fit. I even had to modify his Roma open front boots for them to fit. They were too tall.

Miss Izzy said...

I bet they will look good on him. You know, IF he ever gets hurt and needs them. Lol Or he can use them for traveling.