Things I Use

If you ever see something in a photo of my pony and I in competition and wonder "What is that?"
"What kind do they use?"
or better yet,
"Where can I get one like it?"

You will find it here on this page. I am not paid to endorse anything here (although it would be nice... lol) and if a website is available, I will provide a 'clicky link' to make life easy for everyone.

Protective boots- Roma open front jumping boots from Just for Ponies. I have used a lot of different brands and types of boots in the past. I just bought these before the first Darby and I am impressed. I ordered them on Friday and Just for Ponies had them in my hand on Monday. Priority mail shipping was awesome!  I would have loved to buy the purple boots, but White seems to compliment him and his movement.

Update- 5/22/18
My Roma boots finally gave up the ghost. They fought the good fight and after having been trimmed down to fit like they should, having the straps replaced twice and seeing a Lot of use, they split up the back.

Fortunately I had found Shetland size boots by HorZe on Amazon for about $30 shipped. I got them today and they got really well. Yay!

Bell boots are about $5 on sale from Big Dee's also. I buy the size medium and trim them down, besides cutting them and sewing on Velcro.

The Harness- I bought the Presidential harness from Amber Hillside, formerly known as Ron's Horse Harness. I have wanted one since I found their website years ago... Looking at the comparison photos, it is easy to see the difference in their harness and others on the market. I am glad I waited, because when it arrived, it IS everything I expected and fits him really well too.

The bits- I am currently using the simple pony size, loose ring snaffle, reasonably priced at $4 from Jeffer Equine
-My half cheek snaffle came from Big Dee's discount tack. Listed under the standardbred racing tack and driving bits, they are available in several sizes from 4", 4.25", 4.5", 4.75" & 5" to suit your horsees needs.  Reasonably priced at $14.
-Our butterfly bit with the loose cheeks and mullen mouth came from Ideal Harness priced at $40.

The Cart- I bought it used off of Craigslist and they are not made anymore. When I had first found the website for EZ-Ryder horse carts, I knew what I wanted. They are easy entry style carts, come standard with shocks under the seat and are built really well. They are naturally balanced and a few years later when I first seen one up close, I was in love...They came powder coated in a choice of 4 colors, upholstered in a choice of 4 colors to match or compliment and mine turned out to be the combination of black cart with hunter green upholstery- my first and second color choices had I ordered it myself.

Our Helmets- We all know my ex-husband wears a Troxel Sport helmet from Big Dee's that was on sale for $22.50. Shipping and all it was about $30. Not bad for protecting  your head. My purple helmet came from Horse Tack International and was on clearance for around $30 at the time.   HTI has some awesome deals from time to time.

So there it is. If anyone would like to add anything or comment, post their opinions, offer suggestions- I will open that up to you guys. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them or email me...

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