Sunday, January 14, 2018

Pic's or it didn't happen

I was able to get a few pictures of my Little Man today in the turnout. 

The weather has been cold (for us!) and everyone has been cooped up for the most part. He has always grown a pretty thick winter coat. 

I really like this pic

He really has a rather thick, stocky build for a little guy.
Look at how wide his back end is.

After unloading hay, I brought him in and put his boots on for a light workout.
Light because of the temps. I didn't want him sweating because rinsing was not an option. A few laps around....

Boots because overreaching is a thing with him.

Head shot cropped from another pic

He's still moving in a balanced frame and is uphill as much as he can be, for being built slightly downhill. 

Light work also because the round pen still has a wet spot. Plus he still has muscles in some spots and others not so much.

He is also still just a cute little bugger with a shit ton of personality.
One of the girls at the barn still can't believe he's 19 years old.


Mrs Shoes said...

I never would have guessed 19 either. Looks awesome.

L.Williams said...

So cute!