Monday, January 28, 2013


I had hoped to be posting about competing and the surprise I wanted to reveal... Neither one will be happening. At least not yet. It is on hold until the next event on Feb 9th at the ADT#2.

Because of the rain, ADT#1 was cancelled. Now usually the driving club doesn't let a little water hamper our idea of fun. Neither do we worry about getting a little wet. Why would we when some of our events have a water hazard???  Crashing and splashing through the water is FUN!

A little water or rain is one thing. A lot of it is a whole different story though.  We had been getting rain since Thursday night/Friday morning and Friday night it not only rained off and on all night, but a few times it downright POURED!  I know because I was awake several of the wee morning hours when I should have been sleeping.  Because of this I overslept. 

Johnny Rotten woke me up at 7:45am. First horse in the ring was scheduled for 8:30am. We are not too far away, but I still needed to feed, unload a few bales, throw the cart in the truck, hitch the trailer, grab the harness box, load the pony and GO! And as I rolled over, my cell phone was ringing.

My friend Sharan was calling me and told me "Don't bother! There is rain, rain and more rain on the way and already there is standing water in some of the obstacles as well as me and 3-4 other rigs. Some of them are stuck in the mud."  I invited her to come over and we could maybe drive from our place just because. Later I had the idea we could have gone for breakfast or something. Ah well...

The organizers aren't sure if we will be able to reschedule yet so this one is on hold. Otherwise we are looking forward to AJ in two weeks and hopefully things will come together and I will reveal the surprise for everyone. I may also be on the mend by then too. We'll have to wait and see.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Get ready

With the ADT coming up next weekend, I did manage to get Kat worked last night. He did pretty good considering there were a few things we needed to work on and couldn't manage to slip in and he has had the last two weeks off doing nothing.

I also put two more holes in his bridle and tossed the browband as well as the teardrop shaped thing that attaches at the crown with the blinkers. With the snaffle a little higher up now, he was less resistant about getting his tongue over it and being a twit, less resistant to respond and a little different all the way around.

I have also looked over our dressage test- good thing too because a couple things are different and the maps for the cones and obstacles have been posted...  So much to look at and remember. Honestly, I really haven't looked long or hard at any of it.  There is a carzy line of knowing your tests, the cones course and obstacles, and looking too long and too hard at them and confusing yourself in everything. how much is too much?

Here is a link to the driving club website with the order of go, the dressage tests, cones map and obstacle maps listed.  ADT #1. Go have a look and see if you might be able to do this. Remember- no callers for the dressage tests, even in training level. I also have a surprise coming for a few of you...