I decided to add a page of the pic's we have all enjoyed so far.  One way to keep them where everyone can see them.  So here they are in all of their unaltered glory, because I have no idea how to photoshop anything.  In my world it would be more likely photochopped, than photoshopped. As always click on any of them for a larger picture.


     Of course I started off with this one. My favorite so far.


     Little bit of counter bend



      You want me to do what???


      And this one is another favorite.

      These below are from a couple weeks ago.


      I really like his reach in this one above.



       Moving forward


      He has got a fabulous walk.
      Very elastic and stretchy as some call it.


      Hill work is good for all disciplines...
      Though irrigation burms aren't much for hills.


      Moving out again


      I love this pic for some reason?


      I wonder if I am rubbing off on them?
      Don't drop your shoulder...   LOL!

     There's that nice trot again