Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pic's or it didn't happen!

I recently received a photo via text of a fellow blogger, from the back of her horse. She sent the message, Pic's or it didn't happen. It was good to 'see' her in the saddle again.

Since I had a bit of spare time and some daylight left that day, I harnessed up Kat, put him to and we took off down the road. I got a few pic's to send back to her and said the same thing.

I managed to control Kat who suddenly thought we were wound for sound and everything was out to get him. He spooked all over the place as we trucked down the road, cruising thru the 'hood. A few times it felt like he was going to break into a canter/gallop at any time. To his credit though, Kat was able to maintain his brain and kept it at a trot the whole time. A rather quick pace and very forward trot at times, but it was still a trot. I swear I need to get him out more.