Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Clear the air...

Since I posted about a year ago with our Dressage scores from the ADT's at Dale Creek and had mentioned that someone else had claimed to training my pony For me and what a total load of crap it was, I thought I would clear the air about the who said what and all of that.

In the comments of the post titled Dressage Scores from back in November of last year, in the comments Kaede had mentioned how it sounded like someone trying to start crap between me and another person.

In my post the following January, "All things considered" I elaborated on it all a bit more. How this person had told me on more than one occasion "Driving just isn't my thing", and then turning around and being all butt hurt because he didn't get to show my pony in only but a few classes the first year, then none at all the second year at the Pleasure Driving show.

The second year, I had told him it was coming up, printed out the entry form, handed it to him and told him when the closing dates were... fees per class, post entry fees, lunch costs, etc. and all that good stuff were right there on the form. When the day of the show came, he was pissed off because he wasn't showing at all. Ok but he had told me "Driving just isn't my thing." So what the hell??? Besides that, him being a trainer and all, he should know how to fill out entry forms, who has to sign them where and all of that happy crap that comes with showing horses. Am I right?

That folks, was none other than my so called husband Johnnie Rotten. This is only a small part of the crap handed down by him. It's amazing he didn't break his arm, while reaching around to pat himself on the back for a job not done. Surprise, surprise.... but not really. The horse world is a small one and people love to talk. As the song "Take It On The Run" by REO Speedwagon says, "Talk is cheap when the story is good, and the tale grows taller on down the line..." Only in this case the tales didn't need to grow at all. I couldn't have made this shit up if I tried and why would I want to anyways? And how fitting that it's a song about cheating. Apparently there was that going on too...