Monday, January 5, 2015

All things considered

A few posts back, Kaede had commented about people trying to stir the pot between me and someone else, by telling me that this other person had claimed to have trained my pony for me. Let me clear things up for everyone, as sadly it wasn't the case of anyone being jealous or starting crap between two people, just to start crap. None of the people I heard this from, had any idea otherwise. They had all gotten their information from the same sole source.

It wasn't about anyone starting a riot or stirring the pot. Instead it was about this person inflating their ego. How dare me for being good at something? How dare me for getting any attention for it, let alone praise or a few "Good Job!" acknowledgements. How dare me for being in the spotlight once and taking it away from them.

Considering this person had also told me once, "Driving just isn't my thing" and then turned it all around and was Pouting about not getting to show the pony in any classes because I didn't pay the entry fees or fill out the forms FOR them...  Yeah. Nice touch there, isn't it? I hope someone has a box of tissue handy for the crocodile tears when they cry us all a river.

As I said before, when confronted about this a couple of months later, (yes I let it stew for a while, while I thought about everything and how I would handle it) this other person got pissed off and said "That's Bullshit! Total Bullshit!" I agreed with them because yes, it is total bullshit. They even took it a step further and asked me who I had heard that from? When I replied "Several different people" the guilty party snapped at me and said "I'd like to know where everyone got that idea." I rolled my eyes because the answer to that was standing right in front of me.

Before anyone thinks I'm bitter about all of this, I'm not. I think it's pretty sad for them, that they have to stoop to such levels, to try to make themselves look or feel good about something they have had little or nothing to do with. How pathetic and ultimately-> hypocritical of them, that they have to try to steal the thunder from someone they consider to be 'beneath them', yet they couldn't let me have even a moment in the spotlight. It's all good.

IF I did need their help, IF I truly suck at driving and my pony is a piece of crap, then why have we been able to improve our scores under the same judge, even when Kat was tired from competing the day before? Why did Kat and I move up a level after there was no more interaction between us? Good questions, wouldn't ya think? It all stands to reason because apparently I don't have a clue... *insert massive eyeroll*

For the record, while this person was involved on some level, their part in training Kat, was not a big one. I had trained Kat to be a 'solo pony' from the beginning because I knew much of my time spent driving would be on my own, by myself and I wouldn't have much help. Kat had to know to stand still while putting to and unhitching from the cart because I would be doing it by myself 95% of the time.

It may come as a surprise to some of you, who this person was. Suffice it to say, I have lost all respect for them. No longer being associated with them has been a relief. At least when I make a mistake, learn something new or figure out the way to solve a problem, I know it's all on me and I did it. I can take credit for bombing out in cones or accept the compliments when someone says, "This respected person in the sport (____________) was Very impressed with the way Kat looked at the ADT."  That's all on me. I did that. No matter how well we do or don't do, I'm still proud of my pony and how far WE have come.

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fernvalley01 said...

its so sad when that type of thing happens, why not be proud of what you have done and proud of you , instead of trying to steal your thunder? who knows,but yea at the end of the day this is your success, yours and your great little pony