Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This and that

Last time I posted was about the last time I drove Little Man. I pulled him out the other day and hooked him up. We went for a cruise around the hood and he seemed happy to be getting out and having something to do. It cracks me up how many people slow down, wave, make comments about how much fun that looks and watch almost in amazement as we go by.

Recently a house on the corner had a whole bunch of motorcycles and some cars & trucks gathered there. Seems they were honoring a friend who had passed on. As Kat and I went past, there were plenty of eyes on us and a lot of the bikers were looking on as if they wanted to try it. It's cool, because I was looking at their bikes much the same way. And Katman just trucked along, never missing a beat.

I may pull him out again soon and cruise the 'hood. He's such a fun pony to drive. I'd also like to get my TB mare going in harness. I just need the time... the cart... the harness.... LOL! For what its worth though, so far she is showing great promise as a driving horse. When I put the fake shafts on her, she went from Go! and not wanting to stop or walk, to NO! and didn't want to move at all.

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