Monday, March 4, 2013

Prep work

I had to work Kat yesterday so I popped in a braid to see if that was how I would do it for the CDE coming up.


Nevermind the mohawk/bridlepath and yes he does have a fairly thick, cresty neck. I have been trying to work that down some.

I worked Kat in the long lines because 1) my cart is in for hopefully the last time with shaft work being done to it and 2) last time I worked him, he seemed a bit stiff in the left shoulder. I wanted to be able to see it if he still was so long lines it was. 

Because I had my cell phone on me, there is plenty of pics to follow. Some of them are not the greatest, working the phone with one hand and the lines with the other and vis-versa. And for all of these, there is probably 1 or 2 for each good photo, that is a not so good photo.

Working on our walk, because the two walk sections are worth double points... Yeah, kinda important you have a good walk...

Ooops, I cut off his butt.

And probably one of my new favorite photos of Kat-



fernvalley01 said...

hard to take a bad pic of that gorgeous little man! How was the shoulder?
And I am going around complaining on blogs today so I guess I will whine here too. I am getting old I guess, but the dark background and light print is killing me, yours not so bad as some with he brown and cream, but some are downright blinding. am I the only one who prefers dark print on a lighter back ground?

Cut-N-Jump said...

I changed the color of the text. Hopefully that will help you out FV. I know what you mean though, some days it is just horrible on the eyes, light colors on dark backgrounds. I tried to keep it subdued (sp?) for that reason.

Believe it or not, I have plenty of not so good pic's to go with these. Not all of them were of him in a balanced 'frame', but at least he wasn't gaping at the mouth and fussing with the bit.

His shoulder seemed ok, of course after he worked, I trimmed his feet (he's overreaching in a few of the photos) and gave him a good rubdown and massage. He is also on turnout until tomorrow when I will drive him again before taking him to the CDE host facility. Yes he is quite spoiled. I know, we should all have it so good!

fernvalley01 said...

thanks that does help

kestrel said...

That little man is truly a "my pretty pony" kinda horse, isn't he.

Cut-N-Jump said...

Yes, yes he is. Although living up to the manly part of it- he hates to be braided. I guess he thinks it weakens his manhood or something.