Monday, March 11, 2013

mud, Mud and more MUD!

Friday was rainy and pretty cold at the CDE. But since these folks run rain or shine, it was game on! Kat had been out in pasture all week so when I drove him Thursday afternoon before taking him down to the event, he was pretty flat and had no energy. I had to push him along to get anything out of him.  Adding to that, he had been trimmed the weekend before and although I didn't take much off, he was a little tender too.

I got him down to the showgrounds around 5pm, got checked in and put him in his stall for the night. This time he seemed to settle in a bit better. Last year he was a wound up mess, didn't finish his food and paced a lot.  With him in his stall, I headed out to walk our dressage test. Since it was the same one as we did in AJ last month, I had it in mind for the most part and remembered to WALK from X to G for the final salute. I had texted Gary to find out where he was and he was out picking up some last minute needs. I texted back that I was walking the pattern in my flip flops. He would be proud, I know. 

Friday the weather changed on us and about 3am it started to rain. It was a light sprinkling rain, but steady. Then it stopped, then it Poured down, then stopped, then the steady drizzle... And the host facility was pretty drenched when I got there. There are two main driveways in but the ground between them was pretty squishy.  I had locked in the 4WD on my truck already and turning onto the main road in (dirt road) had already slid sideways as I made my turn onto Christensen Rd.  As I changed from one driveway to the other, I gunned it. If you happen to hit a slick spot, hopefully your momentum will carry you on to firmer ground and traction.  I hit a few slick spots, but with the momentum and holding the pedal at a steady speed I got through it pretty easily and found my way to the barn.

I had to move Kat's feed bucket to the back of the stall since the rain was filling it up in the front.  At least he had eaten all of his dinner... I have learned that at these type events, it is best for me to just feed him, give him a few pats and rubs and leave. Let him eat and just walk away. If I am not there pestering him or fussing over him- we both settle our nerves for later and do better.  As it was, I had been feeling a bit tense on Thursday in anticipation. No need to add to that and get him jazzed up too. Kat tends to feed off of me and if I am uptight, he is too and things go horribly wrong from there. I went and walked the dressage test again to help take my mind off of things.

My start time wasn't until 10:15 so I had plenty of time. While I was in the stall braiding his mane, there was a flash of lightening and a loud crack of thunder. I hadn't seen anyone driving so I wondered if they were holding off. I started to walk towards the arena and seen a woman putting her mini away. She was doing her free walk when the thunder clapped. Luckily her horse was not fazed and just kept walking. I could see others out in the arena so I headed back to hitch up. Because of the weather- rain gear was allowed instead of 'proper attire'. At least I got a bit of a break there.


fernvalley01 said...

yikes, does not sound like fun, at least Kat was calm

Cut-N-Jump said...

Actually it was a Lot of fun! Think about playing in the mud as a kid. What's not to love about that?