Friday, March 29, 2013

And on the 3rd day

After the marathon portion on Saturday I had to hose everything down. Silly me, I unhooked Kat and after removing the harness- took him over to hose him off. Then I took the cart over to hose it off and afterwards wiped down the harness to get the mud off of it too.  I should have just hosed it all off at once. It would have been much easier.

Sunday morning was fun getting the horse trailer in with all of the mud. The two main driveways were nice and firm with good traction, but getting from one to the other was the issue. I had it in 4WD and gunned it, holding my foot steady and not letting up for nothin'. The biggest mistake a lot of people made was going too slow and then stopping and then of course they were stuck. As it was- I did manage to slide my truck sideways a bit throwing mud all over the front of the trailer on the way in. As it was sliding, I held my foot steady on the gas pedal and was laughing out loud having a blast. This was not the first time I have been mud boggin' at a horse show!

I pulled around and backed the trailer in next to a friend of mine and her rig. It turned out later in the day, she would be helping me hitch up and I would be helping her. This was what I remember of horse shows from the past- people helping each other out, everyone there to do their best and most of all to have FUN!  Since things were still a bit muddy, some allowances were made as far as 'proper attire' in the ring. I wasn't going to wear my muck boots in the ring, but I wouldn't be wearing my nice shoes either. I was going with my boots...

I had started to make a new coat for this event and when things didn't come together like they should, I scrapped the idea and went with the hat, coat and apron I had made for Grass Ridge last fall. Thursday night after dropping off Kat, I had to rush home and finish a skirt to go with it all.  I had thought about buying a pair of slacks, but decided matching the colors would be a challenge and look ridiculous without the apron so I went with making the skirt.

When it came time to get ready for cones, I harnessed Kat at the trailer, then climbed inside to change clothes. The look for in the ring was one thing. I had on the hat, the coat, my tank top underneath my skirt, my tall socks and my boots. I put my apron on and tucked it up into the waistband with my gloves. I was ready to put Kat to the cart and go.

My friend had asked about me putting the apron on before putting Kat to the cart. Wouldn't it drag in the dirt? When I tucked it up, she had never thought of that before. This was kind of funny to me since she is a pleasure driving judge and competes at the advanced level. She did give me a tip on the decoration of my hat- tuck up the ends of the tulling on the bow. Having it flowing out behind me was distracting. Like in hunters and dressage- clean lines make for fewer distractions on the judges eye.  Since today was cones, it could pass, but in the dressage or pleasure class rings- no!

To be continued...

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