Monday, May 21, 2018

More pics

Who doesn't like seeing a lot of good pics of a horse? When it's your own horse, they're even better. But when it's your horse that you've not only raised, but also trained- they're the best.

These are a bit blurry, but you can still see the lift, suspension and extension in his movement. I was lunging my little guy the other day and he was really moving like a little Rock Star. And I'm still always amazed by my Katman.




Bell boots are a must because he overreaches 

He's so goofy

Sadly enough, this was the last time he would wear his Roma open front jump boots. After 6 years of a lotta use, scubbing, an alteration to make them fit bettier and having the straps replaced twice- they have split up the back and are literally falling apart. Sadly enough since they are no longer available in white, I have to go with another brand. 


hanifah3100 said...
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Cut-N-Jump said...

Poof! Spam is g.o.n.e.

Davidson99 said...

OMG!!! He still has THAT trot!
I remember the day you clipped him and we discovered that trot under all that matted fur!
Thinking of you
Mindy and Davy!!!