Saturday, May 12, 2018

1000's of words

A picture is worth a thousand words and at the show there were obviously people taking pictures. People with their cell phones, people with their pro camera set ups, complete with an assortment of lenses. I managed to get a short clip of video of a couple with their pair of Friesians as they went cruising across the grass by the pond. I was hoping to get them at the canter but by the time I got the camera phone going I was only able to get the trot. They've shown in AZ before and their actually from Round Top.

The lady parked next to us had the only entry for Long Ears, a mini Donkey called Nick. Sally's friend Amy Wink a fellow driver, was there taking pictures and got a few of us. With her permission I share them here....

Nick with Kat in the bakground. Nick is clearly a mini and he is such a friendly little guy. 
I think this was before the ladies to drive class

This is one of my faves-

Always a clown

Between classes

Trying to entertain himself

Waiting for our class

Not sure which class this was

Can we focus? You know, Inside the ring... lol

Walk please...

Really not sure what we're doing here, but we were trotting at least.

And reverse 

Saving the best for last......

This pic is defiinitely going to be printed and framed if I ever get the chance 

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