Monday, October 20, 2014


I pulled Kat out over the weekend and took him for a spin around the block. We logged about a mile and a half, mostly at a brisk trot and he did AWESOME! We walked out and down to the end of the street before we hit go, when Kat trotted on as smooth as can be. He was a little slow on the way out, but kept a steady pace for the most part and it was absolutely wonderful. Ponyman never fails to disappoint in this category. He has gotten to the point where I can just pull him out, harness him up and GO! We also found some residual puddles and blasted thru them too. He's getting to be a point and shoot pony and I'm loving him for it, all that much more.

I brought out the good harness since the other one got wet and molded in the box from the last rain. I am in the process of cleaning it up and oiling the hell out of it, because it is still a decent harness, it just got soaking wet. Apparently the lid of the container leaked and it was in standing water for a couple of days before I found it. Time for a new container, but otherwise no major loss. This is why my good harness stays home in the house unless for use.

With the new marathon shafts I did have to move the tugs up a few holes on the harness, but otherwise everything was all set and we're good to go. It will be interesting to see if Kat can maneuver better in the cones now because of the changes. The shafts now sit back more by the harness saddle, rather than coming all the way up by his shoulder and everything so far is working in his favor.

One thing I did notice on our drive was a LOT more clinking and jingling. It seems that with the new shafts, the cart is Finally BALANCED like it should have been all along. The shafts now float in the tugs instead of resting in them. This is a big deal and a huge difference for the horse. With the shafts resting IN the tugs, there is weight on the harness saddle and essentially on his back. With the cart balanced and the shafts floating in the tugs- the weight is all on the axle and the cart where it belongs. No weight on their back for horse to carry means they have an easier time of pulling the cart as all of their energy goes only towards that.

I didn't get any pic's, because I didn't have any pockets to keep my phone in. Instead it was stuffed in the boot of my passenger. Katman was a rockin' it in his usual way and seemed happy to be out and about. I let him walk a little ways and then asked him to pick up the trot on the way home. He was trucking along in his easy going working trot and before long we were back at the house. Little guy worked up a sweat and needed a rinse and as an appreciation for his effort he got turned out. Of course he rolled! He was also covered head to tail in dirt. As long as he's a happy pony, it doesn't bother me. GRINS


fernvalley01 said...

Wonderful! He is such an awesome pony.We need to get you a helmet cam!

Haddock said...

True, the perfect balance of the cart is important.