Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ADT# 2- AJ

At the ADT in AJ this weekend, it was not exactly the weather we are known for in the Valley of the Sun as the Phoenix area is commonly called. The sun was peeking from behind the clouds if it wasn't hiding altogether. It was cold. It was breezy and it did sprinkle on us some too.  It was a bit chilly for the most part. In the morning I was sporting 3 shirts- a long sleeved thermal, a short sleeved shirt over that and a sweatshirt on top of that. It was ok, but later in the day, I grabbed my jacket and kept it on for the duration.

Although my hip was hurting and I had taken some ibuprofen, I had a LOT of walking to do. I'm not sure of the mileage for the day, but parking is over here, walk to the bulding where there is check in and bathrooms, walk out to where the dressage arena is set up- Enter at A and proceed to walk my dressage test, walk back across the grounds and over to the west end to the arena where cones was set up- walk the cones course. Then it was back across the grounds and out to the trailer...

Kat needed to be lunged. He was full of energy, had been cooped up all week and I just didn't feel like screwing around with him losing his mind. I threw his boots on and let him go. Little turkey just kind of jogged around like no big deal. Sure he kicked it up to a canter- tail in the air for half a lap and then back to just jogging along like no big deal. So I took him over to harness up. Kat stood like a champ and acted like he was eager to get moving. After getting everything on him I stepped back to take a few pictures of him. Alert, at attention and ready to roll!

A little blurry because he was throwing his head. He wanted to get going, not do a photo shoot.

For the surprise- I will be posting that soon to The Well Groomed Horse blog.


Cindy D. said...

Wow, he sure is a handsome little guy

Cut-N-Jump said...

Thanks Cindy!