Monday, January 30, 2012

Something to chuckle about

One of the driving forums I recently found had links to a couple of videos. I posted them below for your entertainment.

The first one, Changing Reins, is about the Bowman's in England, a well respected family that has driven for generations. They come to Canada for the Calgary Stampede. Not just to watch, but to compete in the Chuck wagon Races.  After that, the tables turn for their Canadian hosts, who travel to England to drive a 100 year old coach along the Roman Wall. 135 miles in 24 hours.

Then we have the sport of HDT's or CDE's from back in the day, before safety became a hot issue like it is now. Look at the differences in the carts, the lack of helmets and protective vests and how things can fall apart before you know it.  Watching this video I had to chuckle a few times at the ponies and the two wheel carts. Maybe I am a bit sick minded for this, but I laughed because at any point- this could easily be me! I already slammed into the one pole, almost hit another and things have gotten a shade crazy.  Besides, the large print stating-> Please note - no horses were harmed in the making of this video. Don't know about humans!  Love the patience of the team first seen at the 4 minute mark too.  And yes, there are a few four-in-hands of spotted horses/ponies.  And what's not to love about a video with the song Gettin Jiggy With It in it?

Old Skool Driving, by Tim Maloy

The name Tim Maloy sounded familiar to me. It seems like he is to carriage driving as Warren Miller is to skiing. Epic Win by Tim Maloy   Enjoy!

I will be posting about our weekend in a few days. Some new things to discuss along with links to more info....

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fernvalley01 said...

Only watched the first vid so far. Well done to our Home grown Alberta boys! Did us proud! and well done to the other team as well. Proves a true horseman is just that , give him the tools and the training and he will do it the best he can