Friday, April 1, 2011

Turnout... It's not just for horses

So I got the shafts for the meadowbrook and we are still in the process of putting it all back together.  I have gotten a few pic's using an actual camera, not the cell phone.  But on the topic of turnout, did you know that is an actual class requirement when driving? Yep, you get points for your 'turnout' or your overall appearance as a driver in the cart.  One thing I have found you will lose points for- sunglasses. You are wearing a hat, so that should block the sun enough for your right? 

In some classes (reinsmanship) you want the focus to be on you, other classes, you are part of the overall picture but the main focus should be on the horse.  And it all starts with a hat...  I happened to find one at Target on our way to the airshow a couple weeks ago.

It is a nice light tan color with a brown sorta leather-ish band to match the trim in the brim.  I think a nice chocolate brown top with yellow accents as well as a brown driving apron with yellow trim or monogram, should compliment the color of my pony quite well. 

Target also had a blueish gray hat that is very similar. I am thinking it would look nice with a navy blue coat and a light blue accent color.  (I am open to ideas here...!) The hats are around $13 each and certainly not going to break the bank.  But I am also still looking for something with a little bit smaller brim. I can only imagine these flying off or the brim flipping down, blocking my sight.  Neither one being reasons I would want to stand out for.

There is a post on one of the mini horse forums where a woman by the name of Myrna posted quite a few pictures of her turnout with her mini.  Some of them look fine, but then when she points out the finer things as the judges see them, you start to understand the subtleties involved. Too much of one color, not enough of another and your turnout stands out for the wrong reasons. 

In her post, Myrna speaks of John Greenall who posted a few articles of turnout review on  There are 4 reviews with a few different pictures in each one, and they can be found on the left hand side or they are linked at the end of the article.  One thing is for sure, I need dark colored gloves.  Looking through all of the photos on the various websites- it is easy to see why.  Without them your hands stand out against the dark colors. 

So there are my ideas so far. As Myrna did, I may be taking a few trial runs around the arena, in the sun and getting some pictures as we will look when showing. It will be a good way to see what needs to be fixed, changed or left alone.

There are two ADT's or Arena Driving Trials coming up next weekend. I was hoping to have had everything together and be ready for them.  Hahahaha, not going to happen. I may want to go and I may really want to be competing, but all in due time. I want my pony to do well, so I am not going to push him for too much, too soon.  That never works.  Especially not for the horses.


Cut-N-Jump said...

When we were at the driving show last November, one of the things I seen that cracked me up- a guy who is 'known' as a local trainer- wearing spurs.

Yep, Spurs at a driving show... now that's Impressive!!! lol

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds very nice. looking forward to seeing the whole package. Sounds to me like a nicely put together outfit

Rising Rainbow said...

We don't get to see much in the way of driving here although I think classes are growing at the sport horse shows. I have seen brims blown down into driver's eyes though. I'm sure it'll be a trick to find just the right size brim that works for you.

Boy, if sunglasses aren't good what do those people with the changing lenses do??

cattypex said...

Blah, the post I did got lost in the ether. Oh well...

Anyway, that hat is really cute. Maybe pin up the brim in front with a really pretty silk sunflower pin that matches your outfit? Chocolate brown is so very elegant and fashionable right now, esp. in a lustrous satin, or even in a textural fabric like linen-style fabrics. Should look stunning with your hair!! WE WILL NEED PICTURES, yo. I know exactly NOTHING about driving, except it's pretty and looks pretty difficult!! :)

(On another note, I'm selling my all-purpose saddle, a vintage Blue Ribbon close contact model in super buttery sexy black-brown leather. Let me know, anyone, if you're interested. jenseju at gmail dot com.)

Cut-N-Jump said...

Fern- I am looking forward to the whole package too, but right now all I have is the hat, a spool of yellow ribbon and an idea of what I want and need to look for! I have some work to do.

RR- according to the e-zine, carriage driving dot net and the American Driving Society calendar, there are driving and also plowing competitions up there in your neck of the woods. I would love to go to one of those!

I like this hat but I am still looking. One hat and one 'look' for showing just doesn't seem to cut it much anymore for any kind of competition. At least the hats are affordable. *whew*

The Arab shows usually have at least a few classes and I am glad to hear the sport horse division is making room for them too. It is fun, but as we all watched in the one video online- it can be dangerous when it all goes south.

CP- Great idea on pinning up the brim. There are many kinds (and colors) of silk flowers to choose from and by pinning it up, I can let it down for full flop and shade for other uses.

One of the reasons I am looking at chocolate brown is my skin tone. How would it look if I matched my pony but looked horrible in that color? I may go with a tan shirt/vest/coat/top with brown and yellow accents to match the hat more too. A brown apron with tan and yellow accents?

One thing on a positive note is to have several options.... colors, pins, scarves, hats and coats that are all interchangeable. Not breaking he bank in doing so- Priceless

cattypex said...

If you don't feel like sewing, here are some great fancy clothes & hats:

The prices are decent, too. But really, what DOES one properly wear for driving? Can you buy "fashion" clothes, or must you stick with "correct" options - like, you would NOT buy "urban cowboy" boots for showing, or one of those migrant-worker/gay cowboy/I'm-in-a-Mountain-Dew-commercial taco-looking straw cowboy hats....

cattypex said...

Oooh, check this out!

Cut-N-Jump said...

CP- I am putting my checkbook away before I even go look! I think proper would be something nice. A pretty blouse, a shirt and vest or something of a linen coat. 'Sunday best' comes to mind as a term I would use.

kestrel said...

Way too much fun! Cute pony, cool clothes, knock 'em dead girl!