Monday, February 3, 2020


Everyone knows my pony is an awesome little guy. Personality galore and just so fun to be around. Well last week he scared me a bit. The lady at the barn with the horse next to him sent me a text.... 

He's not eating and still has pellets from last night.

He's pawing the ground and just doesn't 'look right'. 

Then the second video and "Something's not right." For the first time in his life he coliced on me. Shit! 

I sent her a text- letting her know to tell the little brat that if I have to come out there, he's going to get a shot in the neck. Lol. Well things weren't getting any better  so I told her to put him in the cross ties or tie him in the stall to keep him up until I get there. This was about 20 minutes before I was off work. 

I text my man to let him know I'm headed straight to the barn to tend to Kat and hopefully he will be fine. By the time I get there, just about everyone has listened to his gut, searched his stall for poop, walked him and been very concerned about him. Kat had a look about him that he didn't feel good. I gave him 4cc of banamine IV and man did he perk right up. 

Of course I took his feed away, left him grass hay and he gave me a dirty look. A little while later he's banging his feed bucket looking for food. I gave him a few handfulls of his grain to pacify him. Kat wasn't thrilled with that but he was happy to get what he could.

Thankfully the next morning he was back to normal. I know because just about everyone at the barn was texting me- "He's up and looks fine. There's poop in his stall. His hay is all gone. He's at the gate wanting treats.... "

I'm glad he's okay and will be around for a while longer. I told him he has to give me another 21 years. Last night when I brought him in from turnout I told him how much I love him and all his little quirks. I can't imagine losing him and he's Not allowed to scare me like that anymore. I know at some point that day will come, but for now he's fine and going strong.

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