Wednesday, April 9, 2014


With the upcoming ADT being a two day event instead of only one, there is sure to be plenty to post about surrounding it. It is a two day event as it will be the last driving event to be held at Grass Ridge. The CDE in October has been cancelled and this is it. There is a potluck on Saturday night following dressage and cones. Hazards will be run on Sunday and it looks to be a FUN event all around.  There will be 6 hazards instead of the usual 4, two of them being water hazards. #6 has no alternative dry route for training level so they can try it if they'd like to, but won't be marked down if they don't complete it. It's all about FUN remember?

Because of the time and travel involved with the next two upcoming ADT's, I will be posting about ground driving over on my other blog, The Well Groomed Horse. I finally have my dressage test for this one memorized (in one day, as of Monday) and have been studying the cones and hazards. One of my good friends looked at the cones course and said- "Holy Crap! How are you supposed to remember all of that?" That's just one part of it.

Moving up has proven mentally challenging since the test at each one changes. We also picked up one more gate in the hazards, have to go thru the water and we are not only timed in the hazards, but it also counts. Am I glad we moved up? Definitely! If I want to be competitive, tougher competition makes me work harder for it. For as little time as I have to put into my pony- I think he's done pretty dang well. Especially since we have been going it alone for the most part, with no real outside help. Will I have the same fire breathing dragon in the cones again? Who knows. Will he be the same in the hazards after getting the afternoon off? Anything can happen. As long as he's under control- I'm just going to let him RUN!