Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Down to the wire

I had a busy weekend and here's what is going on.  I am still getting things done, finding stuff, ordered stuff, packing stuff, washing stuff, oiling stuff, cleaning stuff, fitting stuff, buying stuff and hopefully it will all come together for us by this weekend. HOPEFULLY!  That's the plan anyways...

My cart is in getting changes made to it. The shafts have been an ongoing fit issue. First they were too short and too narrow. Then they were too long and still too narrow. Then the length is finally right, but the angles are off and the width is again too narrow. Round 3 and hopefully things are on track because my nerves on this one are about shot, besides running out of time on top of it all.

Turnout is a BIG thing at these events. Mine for the show last November? In one word- sucked. It didn't come close to comparing to what others had on.  This time? I love it! The hat could be a tad different, but for the most part, it will work for now. 

I spent Friday night in the fabric store trying to match things, find accents and piece it all together in my mind. Saturday I sewed the apron, made my hatband, necklace and earrings.  Sunday I cut out my top and sewed it together while watching "Into the Wild" too many times with the girls as it has become their latest favorite to watch repeatedly. We also blew bubbles and then went to ride my mare. 

Last week one of the driving supply companies offered a discount to all competitors and free shipping. I ordered my gloves, a medical armband and slow moving vehicle sign.  I also needed a protective vest for the marathon which happened to be on sale at Jeffers Equine. I also ordered another bit to have as a spare since this one is looking like it is on it's way out. Free shipping again and it should all be in on Thursday, fingers crossed, because I need have to have it on Saturday.

Crazy thing is, I am taking Thursday off and haven't yet figured out exactly what is going on that day. I will be taking Kat to the showgrounds and dropping him off there. It's close enough I can stay at home. I will be braiding him Thursday night before coming home. I will also be taking my bicycle so I can 'walk' the whole course for the marathon portion. Good thing I have been riding it more lately...

Friday morning I will take the cart, harness and everything else down to the showgrounds after dropping my daughter off for her trip to Germany. I am soooo jealous and wish I could go with her! The order of go puts us in the ring at around 10:30am. Plenty of time to feed the little man, check the braids and redo any that need it, (found yarn that matches my outfit precisely. Yay!) lunge him and warm him up, get dressed, etc.  A good friend of mine had mentioned to me the need to breathe during all of this. I hope I don't forget to do that...  That would be bad.

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fernvalley01 said...

Holy crap!!! And after talking to you last night I thought I had a handle on it ! OK Breath, be safe , have fun, rock it , and give your girl a huge hug and wish her well for me on her trip! I traveled to Europe in High school as well, and it is absolutely the best time to go, wide eyed and ready to see and do it all!