Friday, October 14, 2011

Schooling shows, Part 3

With the water truck headed our way, I turned Kat off the roadway into a small open spot and dismounted the cart. Standing by his head and holding him while the truck went by, he was fine. Just like at home in the neighborhood with the garbage truck. It's good to practice everything, even if it is unintentional or you think you will never do it or use it.  I was going to get back into the cart and continue warming up when a truck and trailer from the cutting show came around the corner headed our way, so I waited for them to pass too. 

As I got back into the cart and headed back to the warm up arena, Kat was really behaving well.  He was quiet, calm and relaxed. We walked through the small area between the show and warm up arenas. As we did, one of the show staff personel walked along behind us and warned us to be on the lookout for horses spooking at the sight of us.   I was well aware of that and already on the look out, thanks... 

We eased our way into the warm up arena and started walking around the rail. There were a few horses taking a good look at us, a couple of paints that were not to sure about us and the rest, well they could care less.  There was one trainer on a horse schooling in the center of the arena. He was in there before us and still there long after we left. Spur, spank, yank and crank is his game. 

Kat was really doing well at the walk so when we reached the far end of the arena with no horses near us, I pushed him into a trot. He settled into it just like he does at home.  I tried to keep plenty of distance between us and any horse that looked unsettled by our appearance. The two paints seemd to think we were out to get them for sure. I also called out to the other riders "On your left" or "On your right", which seems to be a long lost common courtesy anymore. 

As we changed direction and came around past the gate going to the right, the woman from the entry desk called out to us. They had decided to bump the two driving classes up to follow halter, then have the break followed by lead line and walk trot. We would not be exiting the arena into the lead line entries.  This would lessen the risk of any of their horses being spooked by us.  This was not a problem, but meant we would be going into the arena soon. I still needed to finish getting ready so we headed out of the warm up arena and found JR by the gate.

He went to the truck to grab my hat, sweater and apron, but I forgot to mention my gloves...  OOOPS!  Since this is a schooling show and we were the only driving horse on the grounds, this was not a big deal.  It was a minor oversight, but not one to be made at the driving show next month.  The show staff woman asked if I needed help, but since JR was on his way back with everything, I assured her we would be ready when the class was called. A few simple changes and we were headed for the gate...

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fernvalley01 said...

Glad they swapped the classes, weird that they would have lead line right after driving , I guess someone wasn't thinking . Gotta shape the groom up lol ! forgetting your gloves! Sounds like a good outing so far. Kat is such a star!

Cut-N-Jump said...

No Worries there Fern. He had asked what I needed, my mistake forgetting to mention it. We were parked close enough and had time to get them, but I waved it off and went in without them. Getting in the arena and through the classes was the main goal for the day.

fernvalley01 said...

LOLI know, I gotta give the old fella a dig now and then though ,right? Wouldn't want him to think I had forgotten!;)