Monday, September 19, 2011

Progress has slowed down with Kat recently. My time has been cut short on the weekends, and what time I have during the week- well daylight has been slowly disappearing on me as well.  Add to that, that I am going to be working with Pal a bit more and get him going under saddle again, we need to get my big mare going under saddle and shown and it becomes a bit crazy at times keeping up with everything going on.

I looked at the show schedule for Pal. There are upcoming shows in November, December, March and April.  The Scottsdale show in February? Is mighty damn expensive to enter, so I am not even considering it. Entries close usually mid December, right in the middle of the holiday season... Not a good combination.

One of the websites I found concerning conditioning for the CDE's had made mention of a notebook. The notebook contains a calendar. On the calendar, you note the competition dates, when entries open and close as well as any other important dates you need to know about. Something that is sure to help keep you organized throughout the year...  Something that I could put the competition dates for each horse on in one spot and hopefully not have any more sneak up on me again... 

For now I am gearing up with Kat for the next schooling show. There was an ADT last weekend. But if I enter two or more as a green driver, the following year we must move up to the green pony class and compete with everyone else. By skipping these last two of a six part competition- it saves us in gas, expenses and mileage for one, but it will also allow us to compete in the greenie division all next year, really giving Kat some time to figure it all out, before we have to move up and compete with everyone else who has been doing this for a while. 

Pal? Well he is broke to ride. The driving has not been coming along so well. I really haven't been able to get out and get anything done with him since the last time. For now, I will focus with him on getting him going under saddle. We'll see where it takes us. He could be a nice hunter or dressage horse, but time will tell.

I also have to check my girths and bridles to see if we have anything that fits. To get him going though, it will be western tack. Both of us are comfortable in it, it's there, so why not?  I was thinking to maybe take him to the schooling show next month. Cutting it kinda close so he will have to pass.  Right now we are just working on getting him into shape. Round is just not that flattering...  not when he isn't moving anyways.


fernvalley01 said...

Keeping busy girl,and moving forward, all good

phaedra96 said...

Sounds like life as usual; too much to do and running out of daylight to accomplish it all!

Cut-N-Jump said...

Sometimes I just have to make time to get things done. Small victories ladies. Take them when you can get them! lol!