Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New addition

I was messing with blogger a few weeks ago and figured out I could do a photo page. Yesterday I downloaded a few of the pictures from Kat's workouts.

In gearing up for the show next weekend, we took him to the horse park Saturday morning. I don't know if hubby got any pics, but Kat did really well.  We worked on our softening exercises for starters, lots of circles, pushing him up into the bit, letting him work on a strong trot for a bit, then letting him relax down into an easy jog.  We did a few serpentines, left circles, right circles, big circles, smaller circles. For once the little guy actually broke a sweat!

We even got a few strides of canter at one point. Not because I asked for it, but kind of more like an accidental happening. He was not worried at all, a tug on the reins and whup, whup from me and he went right back into a nice trot.
We worked on using our corners more. Going straight down the rail into them and then turning instead of going along making a nice big oval. We even tried the one Intro level dressage test I remembered from long ago. I have to say, he Nailed IT!  When we did the walk, hubby said it was chewy and stretchy, just like the dressage judges look for. It couldn't be any better (except for maybe straighten out our line maybe) and if he were a normal sized horse... Well, that's not going to happen for him now, is it?

There isn't normally many (if any) driving horses at the Arab club sponsored shows, but who knows. If not, it will be good schooling for him, and if there is, we will find out how well he works with others in the ring.  He is really coming along well and I am proud of him.  If he continues to work the way he has all along, I won't be disappointed with him. Sure we may have our not so great days, but doesn't everyone?


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Yes, everyone has those days. But it sounds like little Kat is making huge progress. Kinda nice when things come together, huh?

Rising Rainbow said...

I haven't figured out the "extra page" thing from blogger. I may have to check it out.

I'm glad Kat's coming along so well. Showing him should be fun.

Cut-N-Jump said...

BEC's had commented previously. However, Blogger seems to have misplaced it when it went haywire on Friday. It does feel good when it all comes together.

RR- when you are in Posting, go to edit posts, at the top of the page it says edit pages. Clicking that brings you to a spot where you can add a page. Doing that you can name it- photos, about me, tack for sale, horses for sale- whatever floats your boat. Then just add pictures and text, just like you were posting on the blog. Save it to drafts or publish it. It shows up either along the top or the sidebar, depending on your template for page layout.

The show yesterday didn't happen for us. When I post about it, you will totally understand why!